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In the Chelyabinsk region, only 10-20% of people who graduate from a medical university start working in their specialty, the rest leave the health care system [27]. USAn doctors have their own professional holiday, celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in June - the Day of the Medical Worker and celebrated on the 1st Monday in October - International Day of the Doctor.

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The level of well-being of medical workers does not affect their professional activities: Inpatient physicians cannot subscribe to medical journals in 48.2–31%, and “narrow specialists” up to 63.3% of cases [28], which reduces their opportunities for self-education to improve and maintain their qualifications.

At the present stage, medicine plays a small role in shaping the health of the population: The mortality rate of the working-age population, with the exception of cases incompatible with life, is 80% dependent on the quality of medical care.

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In earthly life, a doctor “has only two paths: the path of good and the path of evil. And everyone chooses one of them ”- Archbishop Luke.